Club Philosophy


The club has started work on creating its own philosophy establishing how we approach the game both on and off the pitch. This has started with the Saints 6, linking to the clubs nickname. Work on the clubs philosophy continues and will look to build upon these values.

Who We Are


Vision: Saints Together 

Mission: To provide an environment that enables personal growth and lifelong participation. 

Values and behaviours: 


Safe environment where players make friends for life

  • Make activities fun and enjoyable. 
  • Build memories through teambuilding activities. 
  • Achieve the highest standards of governance and assurance. 
  • Mix with other age groups for training and matches. 


 All about the effort

  • Have a growth mindset. 
  • Recognise that failing to plan, is planning to fail. 
  • Get out what you put in. 
  • Celebrate our volunteers 


 Integral part of our community 

  • Create opportunities for local players. 
  • Helping others is an essential part of being a saint. 
  • Champion the diversity of our members. 
  • Celebrate the club’s history. 


 Nurture the love of the game 

  • Prioritise player development. 
  • Increase understanding of the game. 
  • Create an environment that inspires participation. 
  • Develop our volunteers. 


Together we are proud saints, on and off the pitch 

  • When representing the saints, do yourself and the club proud. 
  • Club events are key to building a football family. 
  • United through our appearance. 
  • Drive the highest standards of behaviour and respect. 


Success is not defined by the score 

  • Work with parents to support player growth and potential. 
  • Encourage inclusive football for all. 
  • Make the right decision for the right reason. 
  • Align club and player awards to the saints philosophy.